We are a lifestyle cosmetic brand

with the pure intention to keep you moving!

Wanderlust is specifically designed

with light weight, deep cleansing

and nourishing formula’s

enriched with energising fragrances


Wanderlust is all we need

to continue to capture the moment

A new memory created


NATURE, SUMMER and CITY keeps us moving around

without clear promise but with so much to give.

Wanderlust is meticulously crafted

to simulate and sooth the senses, to invigorate the lust

that allows us to wander.

50ml tube and 30gr soap

Dedicated to the warm summer days.

Colourful, playful and vibrant.

The sunny twisted ginger fragrance

will stimulate your senses to continue

exploring and partying till far after sundown.


FamousDSC Famous DSC Wanderlust Nature

Hiking through the boundless Chinese nature, meeting the local villagers, catching fish and preparing lunch for all.

We provide you with the most invigorating orange fragrance. It will bring you the best refreshing morning shower. A clean body and stimulated mind.

Can’t wait to go out.



30ml tube and 30gr soap

30ml tube and 30gr soap

FamousDSC Famous DSC Wanderlust City

Ready to explore one of the mesmerizing

cities in China? Fast and moving, so much to explore,

a new adventure around every corner.

Our undefinable woody vetiver fragrance

makes you wander yet keeps you close to yourself.




Because we care and share.


We care about the beauty that surrounds us.

We care to be in the middle of it.

We care to capture the moment.

A moment that we care to share.

With beloved ones and like-minded.

We care about ourselves.

We might not own a car or a house.

Yet, we own the moment.

Everyone is invited to share their pictures.

potentially with a short story,

travelling ideas or visiting tips.

Following soon...